Sermons Archives: February 2020

Worship Is Warfare

Posted on Feb 25, 2020 | Download

Pastor Tony begins teaching this week on understanding spiritual warfare, knowing your enemy, and standing in victory because "when we begin to reflect God's Glory, the enemy comes and fights with a fury."

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Beyond The Veil

Posted on Feb 18, 2020 | Download

This week, Pastor Tony teaches on how "transformation is a guarantee for all who would gaze into God's Glory."

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Transformational Prayer

Posted on Feb 11, 2020 | Download

This week, our friends Wes and Mary Carlton from Cross Counsel International Ministries teach on their experience with transformational prayer and  receiving emotional healing with the Holy Spirit and the MELT process.

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Growing In Gratitude

Posted on Feb 4, 2020 | Download

Pastor Tony teaches on how "my outward expression reveals my inward emotion" and the role of gratitude in authentic worship.

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