Pulse Teams

Nothing you experience at SomaChurch, from the smiling face that greets you at the door to the powerful worship experiences to the midweek gatherings would be possible without our volunteers. More than 160 volunteers give our community life. They are the pulse of our church. That’s why we call our serve teams, “Pulse Teams.”

Interested in learning more, or joining one of our Pulse Teams? Message us at info@somatyler.org.


Every kid is special and has been called by God to accomplish great things for His Kingdom. It is our privilege to partner with parents to raise up young passionate disciples of Jesus.


Our Worship Teams work together to provide exciting atmospheres where people can have genuine encounters with God that produce life-changing results.


Scripture talks about having ears to hear and eyes to see when God speaks to us. Our sound and media technicians tangibly help us experience God’s presence through sight and sound.


Community begins with connecting. Our Hospitality Team plays a vital part of helping people feel loved and accepted by our church family. (Includes Hosts, Greeters & Ushers)


Preparation communicates to people that you care. Our Service Prep Team works hard to have our facility ready to worship God and experience life-giving community every weekend.


Church should always be a safe place. Our SomaWatch team gives their attention to protecting our property from anything that would threaten or pose danger to our congregation.

LifeGroup Leaders

Life is best lived alongside others. Every Leader is passionate about connecting people and helping them grow in their walks with God.


We believe that God will use this generation of students in a way that surpasses every other generation in history so we are committed to giving them everything we’ve got!