August 12, 19 & 26 @ 6pm

Being a member of the body of Christ means being connected to life. We believe that Jesus is the Life. We also believe that connection to the life of Jesus Christ happens primarily through our commitment to His body, the church, of which He is the head. (Eph 5:23Col 1:18)

Just as an arm cannot function the way it was created to when disconnected from the rest of a body, so are we unable to truly be and do what God has in mind for us when we are separated from His body, the church. (Rom 12:4)

PHYSIOLOGY is a 3 part class designed to give a healthy perspective of what it means to be an active part of the Body of Christ by committing to a local expression of His Church.

We hope that PHYSIOLOGY will strengthen your desire to connect to the life that is happening within Soma Church and to walk out God’s plans and purposes for your life.

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