Sermons Archives: June 2022

JUDGES- Conquering Compromise

Posted on Jun 27, 2022 | Download

This week, pastor Tony teaches to be careful not to let your commitments and convictions be continually compromised by comfort and convenience.

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JUDGES – Eradicating Evil

Posted on Jun 22, 2022 | Download

This week, Pastor talks about Gideon and how when we give evil the time of day, it won't be long until we become it's slave.

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JUDGES – Stay On Top Of It

Posted on Jun 16, 2022 | Download

This week, Pastor Tony begins The Book Of Judges and challenges SomaChurch that "Inconsistency will only ever bring calamity"

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Women’s Encounter – June, 2022

Posted on Jun 15, 2022 | Download

Melissa Herring shares a wonderful message with the women of SomaChurch.

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He Is For You!

Posted on Jun 6, 2022 | Download

This week SomaChurch elder, Marvin, shares how the Holy Spirit is our helper and that He is for us!

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