Sermons Archives: July 2016

Elder Set-In Service ~ Leading Like Jesus ~ Pastor Eric Hulet

Posted on Jul 25, 2016 | Download

This week we were blessed to Set-In four elders at SomaChurch. One of our overseeing elders, Pastor Eric Hulet, commissioned our elders and blessed our church with a Word from the Lord about what it means to lead like Jesus. To learn more about the role of an Elder at Soma and the structure of our church government visit

Psalm 23 ~ His Voice In My Valley ~ wk5 ~ My Ruts

Posted on Jul 11, 2016 | Download

This week Pastor Tony talks about the Ruts we so easily find ourselves in and how our Good Shepherd helps us find "Righteous Paths for His Namesake."

Psalm 23 ~ His Voice In My Valley ~ wk4 ~ My Hero

Posted on Jul 5, 2016 | Download

This week, Pastor Tony shares about the Shepherds ability to get His sheep back on their feet.

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