“But if the area grows no larger and does not spread, it is merely a scar from the boil, and the priest will pronounce the person ceremonially clean…But if the infected area has not changed or spread on the skin, and has faded, it is simply swelling from the burn. The priest will then pronounce the person ceremonially clean, for it is only the scar from the burn.” Lev 13:23 & 28

Have you ever been burned or had a blister? Have you ever scratched a scar? Depending upon on how recent the wound this can really do a number on you. Young scars, fresh scars can be easily reopened. Deep scars, from great wounds, can damage the nerves on the skin and result in loss of feeling in that area. When one of these deep scars are scratched there can be such a lack of awareness, remember you lost your feeling, that you walk around bleeding on everything you touch. 

New scar, old, or deep there are big reasons that we need regular scar check ups. God, here are my scars. Have any of them been scratched recently? Are You wanting to restore healing or feeling? Is there something growing under the scar that needs tending to, an infection, perhaps? Is that why I am sensitive there? Is that why I am unconsciously protecting that space from anything that gets close? 

Unseen infections may require a reopening & cleaning.

Lord, I am going to be real honest; I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to revisit this wound. I hate the scar. Seeing it makes me feel shame and disgust with myself. Now you want to open and expose it to the air? God, the air hurts open wounds. I will feel everything. Why? You know I can’t do this alone. Do I trust You to take care of me here, vulnerable, exposed? I am scared. What if….what if it is unclean-able. I want to be more than “ceremonially” clean. 

Okay Lord, You are the High Priest. You are the One who makes me white as snow. Take my scars. You are the Great Physician. I trust You will heal me. You are the only one who speaks, “You are clean!” I receive the healing. I receive the freedom. By Your stripes, I am healed. Help me walk like one who is Clean and look at my scars for their sacrality*. Amen. 

*For more on the *Sacrality of Scars listen to Pastor Tony’s sermon from April 14th, 2020.