7 questions to ask when you lose your love for God.

By June 28, 2017 October 18th, 2017 Blog, Called Out

We all find ourselves in a place from time to time where our passion for the Lord begins to diminish. 16th Century Reformer, Martin Luther, said in his 95 Theses, “The entire life of believers [is] to be one of repentance.” Repentance should mark our Christian walk. If we aren’t constantly repenting it may be time to reevaluate whether our relationship with Jesus is genuine.

Our pastor talked a couple of weeks ago about the scripture in Matthew 24:12 that says, “Sin will be rampant everywhere, and the love of many will grow cold.” In his message he suggested seven questions you should ask yourself when you begin to feel like you’re losing your passion for Jesus.


1. When is the last time you shared the Gospel with someone you know is an unbeliever?

All it takes is a glance at our Facebook pages to know that we can’t help but talk about the things we’re passionate about. If we are truly passionate about the gospel, sharing it with others will be our natural response.


2. When is the last time you invited an un-churched Christian to your church or Small-Group?

James 5:20 says, “Whoever brings back a sinner from his wandering will save his soul from death and will cover a multitude of sins.” Bringing the wandering Christian home should be something we eagerly seek to do.


3. How often do YOU come to church or Small-Group?

The Church is most often referred to as the Body of Christ and the Bride of Christ. It is almost inconceivable that a Christian can be a passionate follower of Christ, but care very little about His Body and Bride.


4. When is the last time you prayed for someone outside your own Christian Community?

If we aren’t thinking and praying for people outside the church, then our hearts are not hurting for what God’s heart hurts for. Namely, the lost!


5. When is the last time you privately prayed for someone inside your own church community?

We have to be in prayer for our brothers and sisters in Christ. They are our spiritual family and we should care about them as much as our own family.


6. When is the last time you privately prayed at all?

Prayer is the proof of dependence upon God. If we are not praying, we can’t say that we truly depend on God.


7. Do you faithfully give toward the Great Commission?

Jesus said, “Where your treasure is, there your heart is also,” (Matt. 6:21). How can we say our heart is for the lost if our wallet is not?


You can hear the whole sermon this blog post was based on here.