Don’t freak out. Talk to Me.

Don’t freak out. Trust Me.

Come to Me.


Before your spouse, your parents, your friends.

Before Facebook.

The peace you yearn for is only satisfied when it is from Me.

Why trust Me?

Because I am the, I AM.

I am the Creator.

The earth on which you stand, I made that.

The trees, flowers, grass, I grew that.

Put your hand on your chest, I commission every single beat.

Stop looking for answers and comfort from people who did not create each fiber of this universe.

 Come to Me first.

I am greater. I am bigger. I am more than you will ever know or could imagine, and I Am with you. Running away and hiding does not separate us. You cannot hide in light or darkness from Me. Please stop.

Let Me in.

Let Me love you how your heart has been longing. I made your heart, I know what it needs. I am what it needs.

That “freak out” feeling, your unsatisfied spirit…I, and only I, can sooth it.

I AM, trustworthy, bigger, mighty, a loving Father, a just God, a Holy Spirit, and have proven My love. I have a plan. The blueprints, I drew them. The results are already in…and I am good.

So, Don’t Freak Out.

Talk to Me.

Your car stopped working. Will you trust Me?

Your bank is empty. Will you trust Me?

Your body is sick. Will you trust Me?

Your home is broken. Will you trust Me?

You lost your job. Will you trust Me?

You lost a beloved one. Will you trust Me?

Your heart is lonely. Will you trust Me?

Your sins are suffocating. Will you trust Me?

With your greatest fear. Will you trust Me?

With your deepest desire. Will you trust Me?

Will you give it all to Me? Will you loosen your grip and give it back?

Deep breath. Come to Me.

Come, let Me pour out My peace upon you. Let Me lighten your load. Let Me teach you My ways. Let Me share what is on My heart.

I love you.

I am calling you out of fear.

I am calling you INTO trust.

Don’t freak out.

(just a little of the) Proof:

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