Many of us are aware of the tragic civil war and unrest that has been going on in Syria for the last almost half decade. It seems almost daily that we hear of more and more Syrians fleeing their country to escape the horrible terrors brought on by war and terrorism. Now we are hearing the number of refugees has gone beyond 10 million. Obviously, when you are seeking refuge this can put you in a very vulnerable place, especially for the women and children. I’am not in anyway an expert on this issue, nor do I claim to be. I have read several mainstream articles like the rest of you from a variety of news outlets. The purpose of this post is to help guide our prayer for Syria, the refugees and on a larger scale the middle-east. Below I have listed what I’m calling a Top 10 prayer list for this crisis. If we stand together in prayer, we are assured that God will hear our prayer and move on behalf of those are in desperate place.

1. Pray for peace – In the midst of tragedy that the the peace that comes from the Creator will pass all understanding in their personal life. May their also be an expedited process to civil rest and governmental peace in this nation.

2. Pray for protection – Specifically for the innocent and the civilians we pray they would be supernaturally protected in all ways.

3. Pray for salvation – That the goodness of God would touch the people of this nation through dreams, visions, encounters etc.. And that many more thousands would come to know Jesus personally!

4. Pray for the innocent – For those who are being treated completely unfairly and unjustly that God would show them through any means the life of Jesus and how He can relate!

5. Pray for those who are mourning due to great loss – That God would bring great comfort and encouragement to those who have seen and experience such horrific loss.

6. Pray for Life over death – That the devils way of death would be thwarted and destroyed and the LIFE of Jesus would invade peoples lives and hearts, including national leaders.

7. Pray for light over darkness – That as darkness seems to prevail the the light of Christ and his hope would shine even brighter in a super natural way!

8. Pray for victory over defeat – As all around these people see defeat, we pray that true Victory, eternal victory would invade their hearts and minds and give them hope!

9. Pray for the reconnecting of families – With many families being separated, we pray for the reconnecting and joining together of families and that during this time of waiting they would remain hopeful and encouraged.

10. Pray HIS kingdom come, HIS will be done – Ultimately, we want nothing more than Gods Kingdom to come and will to be done in this situation and in this nation as it is in Heaven. Come Lord Jesus, Come!