Joe Matthews

Who I am:

I’m a follower of Jesus, husband and father that is daily learning what it looks like to abide in and stride with Jesus. My amazing wife, Morgan is my best friend and high school sweetheart. Our kids, Leo and Anna, are an absolute joy and every day we have together as a family is a gift! We love quality time together – whether being active with exercise and adventure or just laying low and being goofy. We love serving the local church and are blessed to be a part of what God is doing at SomaChurch.

I love to run long distances (yes, I’m one of those) while listening to leadership and ministry podcasts/audiobooks.

What I do:

I serve as the Executive Pastor here at SomaChurch. It’s my privilege to be responsible for activating and executing the vision and values of the church as we serve and seek to help people choose the Way, know the Truth and live the Life of Jesus Christ.

What I’ve done:

I spent over a decade in the marketplace after earning an MBA and becoming a licensed CPA. During that season, my wife, Morgan and I took a leap of faith and followed God’s leading in our lives to move from Upstate New York to Tyler at the start of 2015. We have fought hard to earn our Texan status ever since!  In 2020, the Lord transplanted me from the marketplace to ministry, and what a journey that process has been! He has been so faithful each step of the way!