Wednesday, December 6 @ 6:30pm

SomaChurch believes in the power of prayer. We believe that God will heal our land when we humbly seek His face (2 Chronicles 7:14). We believe that our prayers reach across the world and impact the nations (Psalm 2:8). We believe that sick people will be healed when they are anointed with oil and prayed for by Godly men and women who are filled with faith (James 5:14-16). We believe that God listens to all of our pleas for help and will bring His answer in His own way and timing (John 14:14).

Because we believe, we gather every first Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm for an extended time of worship, prayer and personal ministry. Childcare is available for babies and toddlers, while Pre-K – 4th grade have their own Kids Encounter.

God has done amazing things in and through these Encounter Services. We hope you will come to minister and be ministered to!

After experiencing our first Encounter service, we realized, as a family, that was something that we had been missing in a church that we could call our home.


At the end, when we gathered in groups, I had a word spoken over me that was very encouraging and timely.


My favorite part of the night was being able to encourage one another in our groups... some of the most impactful words were spoken by students. I can't wait for our next Encounter service.


Corporate prayer for Israel and our nation, then small groups joined in prayer. This night was a spiritual benchmark, a "stone of remembrance" for me.