Andres Aguirre

Who I am:

I am a follower of Christ and husband to my wife, Sarah Aguirre. I love being connected to a body of believers who work together to spread the gospel while also encouraging one another in Christ. I love playing guitar, playing video games, and spending time with family.

What I do:

I have the awesome opportunity to work as the administrative assistant. I help organize and facilitate the day to day needs at the church including finances and clerical tasks. I get to help with the planning and details of weekend services, special events and anything else happening on campus.

What I’ve done:

My wife and I moved to Tyler in March 2021 after graduating from Eastern New Mexico University in 2020. We felt it was a good opportunity while also being led by the Lord. After a couple of months of attending Soma, God aligned things for me to be part of the staff and I’ve enjoyed it ever since.