Want to get involved?

There are many things you can be doing to help children who are hurting, but sometimes it is hard to know where to start. Whether you are feeling called to foster and/or adopt, be an advocate for a child, or support foster/adoptive families, here are things that you can do to take the next step and make a difference in a child’s life.

To stay up to date on all Team 31:8 is doing in 2021 – email Morgan@somatyler.org  or text “31” to 903-705-6186.

International Sponsorship

Team 31:8 spends a lot of time focusing on meeting needs in our own back yard because there are a lot of kids in Smith county who are in difficult places, but we also feel called to help with the international orphan crisis.

Team 31:8 sponsors two brothers, Shadrack and Meshack, who live in Nairobi Kenya at the Rehema Home Orphanage.

If you would like to send these boys a letter or picture you email it to sponsorship@rehemahome.org or fill out the writing prompt HERE.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child there are great organizations that offer trusted sponsorship programs. Click below to learn more.

Learn More about Compassion Int.
Learn more about Rehema Home


There is power in prayer! Taking time to pray for children in foster care, their biological parents, foster parents, social workers and teachers can move mountains for these kids! If you would like more ways to pray, email Morgan@somatyler.org.

Request a Prayer Card

Babysit for Foster Families

Foster families are only allowed to have certified foster care babysitters watch their kids. If you would like to bless families and be able to watch their kids, you can get more information about this process by clicking the button below!

SomaChurch wants to help you get certified and cover some of the costs involved in getting certified as a babysitter so email Morgan@somatyler.org if you are interested in this!

Learn more about Babysitter Training