Isabelle Hyde

Who I am:

I’m a 20 year old gal that loves Jesus and live music. I enjoy thinking about things that deserve thought and speaking truth into people’s hearts (it’s a tragedy and a gift how easy it is to communicate love to someone through a simple word). My favorite things to do are listen to music that means something, stare deep into the heart of the ocean (Moana style), and drink Dr Pepper.

What I do:

I was recently promoted to the position of Office Administrator. I work to meet the day to day needs of the church in the form of financial and clerical work. I also tell jokes on occasion.

What I’ve done:

I grew up primarily homeschooled in Lindale, Texas with a random stint of seclusion and marching band experience at Lindale High School. I left that place as soon as possible and began Gen Ed classes at Tyler Junior College at age 16. Later dropping out of college to pursue a career in music via rock n roll, I’ve since gained office experience through working at a guitar shop in downtown Lindale and in the accounting department at YWAM Tyler.