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How your parenting fails can lead your kids to Jesus.

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Feeling like a failure. I have to be honest. I’ve been really impatient with my son lately. It’s easy to overanalyze and ask myself why I’m acting this way. Maybe it’s because he’s a bit more…

Community prevents you from losing your mind.

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I work for a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation clinic. At the clinic I strive to incorporate traditional medicine with alternative remedies that have scientific support, as well as Christian principles. One medical presentation I watched…

6 things you need to remember when you feel anxious.

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Anxiety is a monster. It can cripple us or make us act in ways that we would never otherwise act. It can cause us to believe the most incredible of lies, and can even keep…

Lori’s Story

“We were disappointed and hurt by church and said we would never go back…” Watch Lori’s testimony of how God restored their faith in Him and His Church…

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