The “Days Of Awe” are the 10 days between The Feast Of Trumpets and The Day of Atonement when the people of Israel looked deep within themselves, fasted, prayed and repented of their sins.

We are not Jewish, but Jesus is! In light of the chaos around us and so many End Times prophecies being fulfilled right before our eyes, we believe this is a time to cry out to God.

We hope you will press in with us over the next couple of weeks! To get a better understanding of why, please take the time to watch/listen to each of these sermons on “The 7 Feasts”.

Practice Makes Perfect Part 1

The 7 Feasts were always meant to be celebrated with other passionate followers of God. It’s important to know that “A stronger relationship with Jesus is a by-product of having a strong Spiritual Community!”

Practice Makes Perfect Part 2

The 7 Feasts were also meant to be a “Dress Rehearsal” for the people of God. His idea is that we get better when we gather together!

The 7 Feasts Part 1 – Trust His Plan

The 7 Feasts Of The Lord are a “Prophetic Timeline” of God’s redemptive plan of salvation. This message is an overview of the Spring Feasts and encourages us that God always does the appropriate thing at the appropriate time!

The 7 Feasts Part 2 – Time to Return

If Jesus fulfilled the Spring Feasts, then surely He will fulfill the Fall Feasts. This message is about The Feast Of Trumpets and how “Before HE returns, there’s time for US to return!”

The 7 Feasts Part 3 – Get With the Program

Jesus uses the template of a traditional Jewish wedding to teach us how He will return for his bride (the church) as the bridegroom. Learn more about a Jewish wedding and the need to pay attention to the program if we want to be carried away to the place the Lord has prepared for us!

The 7 Feasts Part 4 – Cleansed, Not Covered

Pastor Tony continues The 7 Feasts Teaching series by explaining the Day of Atonement and sharing how without the shedding of blood there’s no forgiveness of sin!

The 7 Feasts Part 5 – Faithful To The End

Pastor Tony ends The 7 Feasts teaching series by sharing how God is faithful, even when we are not!

How to Participate

Corporate Fast

September 6th - September 16th

Soma will be fasting together as a congregation for the 10 "Days of Awe". We want to invite you to join in by asking the Lord what to fast and committing to personal prayer and worship during these 10 days of fasting.

Want to know more about fasting? Here are 3 great resources!

Daily Torah Reading

We will be sending out the Torah Portions (Old Testament Scriptures) that Israel has meditated on during the 10 “Days Of Awe” for thousands of years.

We encourage you to add these to your daily devotions and pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6) and for Jewish people around the world to put their faith in Jesus.