Laura Mroz

Who I am:

I am a follower of Christ that is eternally grateful for salvation through Jesus!  I am married to the love of my life, Mark; we have been married for 7 years, and we have a 5 year old son, Dreamer.  As a family, we love to be outdoors as much as possible!  We love to travel and see God’s handiwork, especially the beach.  I love being in our home and making it a place where we and others feel loved and safe, and cared for through good food.  Second to being at home, my favorite place to be is in the ocean with my family, or at least in some body of water.  As a family, we love to experience different avenues of storytelling together, like good books and films.

What I do:

Here at Soma, I am the youth director along with a lot of help from my husband, Mark.  I really love being around teenagers and feel so excited about what God is doing through young people.  Mark and I desire to see the youth at Soma loved, accepted and discipled through bible teaching, worship, and through helping equip the body of Christ to get involved in mentoring the students.  We do not see the discipleship of the youth at Soma as just our role, but rather we want to see the gifts and talents of the body here at Soma utilized in the youth group.  With the help of amazing mentors, we are seeing our youth loved with the love of Christ, and discipled.  We hope and pray they feel that they belong and have a place here at Soma.

What I’ve done:

I grew up in Lindale, Texas and moved to the East Coast for college (and to meet my husband!).  I graduated from nursing school in 2008 as an RN, and then began working in a local hospital as a nurse in the Labor & Delivery unit.  I ended up staying for a few years after college in the VA Beach area and loved it.  In 2010 I moved back to Texas to be near family, and Mark and I got married in 2011.  Shortly after marriage I began pursuing becoming a licensed midwife.  I completed my Certified Professional Midwifery (CPM) training and boards in 2013 and became a licensed midwife.  I practiced for a very short time before having our son Dreamer that same year.  I keep up both of my licenses, but am not practicing either of them regularly.  Last year I became a mentor in the youth at Soma and have been working with the youth ever since!